Who is Ron Murphy?

Ron Murphy is a life long Toledoan, devoted Christian and loving family man who is now running for Toledo City Council in District 6. 

Ron believes in giving District 6 a voice and bringing common sense back to government. The issues of the jail in our neighborhood, our horrible roads, predatory cameras and more. Once on city council Ron has vowed to actually help Toledoans on these issues.

Ron Murphy Toledo Ohio City Council District 6 Point Place Shoreland West Toledo

The Issues That Matter To District 6

Keep The Jail Downtown Ron Murphy

Keep The Jail Downtown

Ron Murphy was a leading voice in the Keep The Jail Downtown movement. While many in local government say the movement is over it is likely not.
Keep the Jail Downtown represents the even larger issue of government not listening to its citizens. Those in district 6 did not want a jail in their neighborhood. But, without a gigantic petitioning campaign the city & county would have done it regardless.
District 6 needs a voice to the city and he plans to be that voice.
Pothole Roads Toledo Ohio

Fix The Roads

The roads in district 6 and really all of Toledo are absolutely horrible.
With the hundreds of millions of dollars money the city brings in it absolutely needs to fix our infrastructure. It needs to happen now, not in 2023 or some other obscure timeline.
If Toledo wants to keep citizens and attract business it must do its most basic job first. Not having proper roads demonstrates a visual example of the short comings of the city. If we just fix our roads with a dedicated roads budget in the C.I.P we will see success like we've never imagined.
Ban The Cam Ron Murphy Toledo City Council Point Place Shoreland

Ban The Cam

The citizens of Toledo have been scammed for far too long. These cameras are not improving the safety of Toledoans but just costing them tons of money.
Toledoans are feeling scammed and police relations are worsening. Our current city council is filling their budget shortfall with inaccurate $120 tickets.

Giving District 6 A Voice

Ron Murphy has demonstrated that he cares about his neighborhood and the people that live there. He has the ability to listen to and do what is best for everyone that lives there. Ron would be an asset to District 6.
Mary Dutkowski Keep The Jail Downtown Point Place Shoreland West Toledo
Mary Dutkowski
Keep The Jail Downtown
Volunteer With Ron Murphy For Toledo City Council Point Place Shoreland

Volunteer To Help

To win we know we will need a lot of help. This is not just the Ron Murphy show but the District 6 show. This campaign is to give a voice to all. We need volunteers for the following...
We need strong volunteers and we need places to let our message be known. If you'd like a FREE yard sign or to volunteer then please let the campaign know.

Campaigns Require Cash

Any amount you give will not only be appreciated but used well. Being a blue collar worker in an average Toledo family I understand a concept foreign to most politicians, budgeting. Any money given to my campaign will be used with the utmost care.

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