Who is Ron Murphy?

Ron Murphy is a life long Toledoan, devoted Christian and loving family man who is now running for Toledo City Council. 

Ron believes in giving Toledoans a voice and bringing common sense back to government. Focusing on the issues of  corruption, crime, neglected communities and more. Once on city council Ron has vowed to actually help Toledoans on these issues.

The Issues That Matter To Toledoans


Toledo City Council has been plagued with corruption. Federal indictments of 4 members and another misusing city property. Who can you trust? Apparently no one, and if Democrats gain complete control, who will they have to answer to? One party rule will only result in more corruption and more back room deals. This council needs transparency, someone who will make sure there's oversight. The integrity of Toledo City Council depends on your vote. Use it to elect someone with integrity, someone you can trust.
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The crime in Toledo is absolutely horrible.
With Democrats talking about defunding the police and refusing to hire more, it's no wonder crime is on the rise in Toledo. People are scared to walk their own neighborhoods at night, some even during the day. It's out of control!
If Toledo wants to keep citizens and attract business it must get crime under control. That means investing in safety. Supporting police, investing in new technology and putting the blame where it belongs, at the criminals feet.
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Roads, abandoned properties, drug dealing, violence, trash and unkept lots are all problems plaguing Toledo communities. That needs to end now!
Downtown Toledo shouldn't be the only place Toledo invest in. Your tax dollars should benefit your neighborhood. If you want things to change, you have to change those who make the decisions. It's time your community mattered.

Giving Toledo A Voice

Ron Murphy is a great guy who understands the challenges that working men and women go through. He'll work hard for us because he's one of us.
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Volunteer To Help

To win we know we will need a lot of help. This campaign is to give a voice to all. We need volunteers for the following...
We need strong volunteers and we need places to let our message be known. If you'd like a FREE yard sign or to volunteer then please let the campaign know.

Campaigns Require Cash

Any amount you give will not only be appreciated but used well. Being a blue collar worker in an average Toledo family I understand a concept foreign to most politicians, budgeting. Any money given to my campaign will be used with the utmost care.

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