About District 6

Where is District 6?

District 6 is to the north and north east of Toledo. The district butts up right next to the Michigan line.

District 6 Map Toledo Ohio Toledo City Council
A basic map of Toledo City Council (District 6)

What Is District 6 Known For?

District 6 is known for some of Toledo’s best lake front views and hardest working factories. 

Jeep, Dana & more are located in some of the business parks in District 6. 

The original Mancy’s Steak House, the classic Inky’s Italian and even the down to earth & delicious J-Cups Pizza in the Point. District 6 has the eats. 

Vacation spots in Toledo are few and far between but Point Place has some of the best lake front views in all of Ohio. The boating opportunities in the Point are wasted. However I plan to try to make it great again. 

Do I Live In District 6?

Maybe you do popular indicators would be that you live in one of the popular District 6 neighborhoods or off one of its major streets. But if all else fails or you just want to be sure then please check your address with the link below.

Popular District 6 Neighborhoods
- Greenwood
- Jackman Neighborhood
- Meadowvale
- Five Points
- Point Place
- Regina Coeli
- Shoreland
- West Toledo Library Village
- Whitmer - Tribley
Popular District 6
Streets & Roads
- Alexis Road
- Bennett
- Benore
- Jackman
- Lewis
- Ottawa River Road
- Suder Road
- Summit Street
- Telegraph Road

Check to see if you live in District 6