Ban The Cam & Community Policing

“I’m against the red light cameras. Red light cameras are a cash grab. “

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council (District 6) Candidate

Studies have found that Redlight, Speed & Handheld Cameras don’t prevent accidents. It’s quite the opposite.

Most Toledoans do drive safe. And just because you don’t wait three seconds at a red light before turning, doesn’t mean you should get slapped with a $120 fine. The fine is too steep for working-class families. The punishment definitely doesn’t fit the crime.

It would be better for a police officer to pull over a person for speeding and physically giving them a ticket, then just clock them and send them a ticket letter in the mail two weeks later. That’s not protecting anyone!

“I support our police. I respect and appreciate them. I’ve asked them how they feel about the red light cameras and their answers are as individual as they are. But guess what? Police are just like you and I, they get tickets from cameras, too. We all pay! These cameras have consequences. Because of them, the state will not give us money to fix our roads. And to top it off, the money from the cameras doesn’t go to fixing our roads either. We have to pay twice and get nothing done. Toledoans need a break! We deserve better! “

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council (District 6) Candidate