I fully heartedly believe politicians should first look out for their districts.

I believe we deserve better. We all know the saying “You will do better in Toledo”. Well, I say “It’s about time Toledo does better for you”.

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council (District 6 )Candidate

As a child, I was told the phrase “always look out for number #1 first”. Who is #1 you might ask? #1 is ourselves. We must look out for ourselves first because if we don’t who will?

Even when you are on a plane parents are told to apply their oxygen before their children. That way they can make sure they are alright to look after their children.

Through my experience looking into our local government, our previous district 6 council people have not put #1 first. District 6 is always put last to the city, county and even the region but that isn’t right.

We’ve worked hard, we’ve paid our dues. It’s time we were treated like we matter. Like our voices matter! If you don’t feel like your voice matters, you’re not alone.

So many of us in District 6 have voiced our opinion about the jail, red light cameras, and of course, our broken roads, only to be ignored. Politicians pretend to care, and then cut backroom deals. That’s not true representation.

When elected to be the District 6 Toledo City Councilman I promise to let our neighborhood not become a dumping ground for the city. No, I will not let a jail be put in our backyard. No, I will not let them screw us out of good roads and no I will not let us be pushed around.

“I will be proud to fight for you, make your voices heard. That’s what it’s all about! They should change the title from City Councilman to City Representative. We need to get back to REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE! I will deliver for you. You deserve better.

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council (District 6 )Candidate

It is time District 6 has a voice!