End Corruption

We all know now, thanks to the FBI, that our city council is corrupt. The question is, are we finally going to do something about it and vote them out?

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council Candidate

The idea that 1/3 of our entire City Council has been charged by the FBI is completely shameful.

Toledo must stop voting simply by party lines. A one party ruled government will only lead to more corruption, more back room deals and more disappointment.

Toledo needs someone who has a record of integrity. Someone who has a proven track record and knows how to get results. I’ve been in public service for over a decade now and feel it’s a blessing to serve people in my community. I work for a nonprofit, I know I’ll never become rich working there but the payoff for me is knowing I made someones life better. Maybe gave them a new chance at life, and believed in them when no one else did. I have a passion for people.

The fact is, we all know we need new leadership. We know crime is rampant, we know our streets are awful. We know our city needs cleaned up and our communities need lifted up. We just have to have the courage to change. To stop accepting mediocrity, and start expecting excellence.