Fix The Roads – Infrastructure

Our roads are horrible. When I say “We Deserve Better”, our roads are the first thing that comes to my mind.

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council (District 6) Candidate

The neglect of our roads is inconceivable. It’s actually shameful and dangerous.

The roads are dangerous for emergency vehicles and could potentially injure the very people we’re trying to help. They’re dangerous for motorcycle riders and could lead to injury or death. Then, there’s the wear and tear to our vehicles.

We work hard and spend our money on nice vehicles only to have them beaten up by just driving down the street to go to the store for groceries or simply going to work. The cost to repair a tire is $15-$20 if you’re lucky and it’s repairable. $120-$150 for a brand new tire and more if the rim is bent! This is unacceptable!

The truth is, there is no budget for the roads. The Street, Bridges, and Harbor Division of this city need emergency funds and MUST HAVE A BUDGET! In which, they do not. They have no idea if they will receive one million or nine million each year. That’s not right and needs to change immediately.

We need to pave roads not just fill potholes. Even if it means one side street at a time. We deserve better!