“I’m a proud supporter of the Toledo Police. We need them more than ever.”

Ron Murphy, Toledo City Council Candidate

Crime is the on the rise in Toledo. Last year Toledo set a record for the most homicides in its history. This year we are on pace to surpass that. So what’s the solution? It starts with electing city leaders who respect and appreciate the police. Hiring more police is crucial to getting crime under control. Investing in crime fighting technology, improving relationships with citizens and creating good jobs are imperative as well.

City Councilman, Ron Murphy will back the blue and fight to fully fund them to make our neighborhoods as safe as possible. He will regularly go on ride alongs and spend time with the department to better understand the problems in the community from both a citizen and cop prospective.

It’s time to get tough and lock up those who threaten the peace of others. No one, anywhere in this city should feel unsafe or scared in their own neighborhood, period.