Ron Murphy On The Issues


Toledo City Council has been rocked by corruption. Shockingly, 4 members have been charged with federal bribery and a another under investigation for misusing a city vehicle for personal use.
Who can you trust on Toledo City Council?
That should NEVER be something you have to ask yourself. Ron will bring integrity back to City Council, providing valuable oversight and making sure your tax dollars are used responsibly.


Last year Toledo set a record for the most homicides in its history. This year we are on pace to surpass that. People are scared to go out at night, and they have a right to be. While our current City Council flirts with defunding the police, our children are dying in the streets. We need real leadership that supports our police and invest in our neighborhoods. We need to stop making excuses for criminal behavior and lock up those who threaten peace in our communities.
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For far to long Toledo neighborhoods have been put on the back burner. Downtown projects have become the city's only priority, causing the rest of Toledo to become neglected. Whether it's crumbling roads, abandoned houses, untouched properties, trash in vacant lots, speeding cars or violence in the streets. Toledo has a lot of work to do and we need to focus on its communities. People deserve to live in a city that they can be proud of.